• Stella and Alec at Spawn.Toys (Co-Founder)

About us

Hi! This is Stella here! Me and my brother, Alec, created this website (with the help of our mom). We want to raise money to fight Covid-19 and Racism ( The CDC foundation and NAACP are two foundations we are donating proceeds from our store to).

We hope you enjoy our family business!

About Me:

I am 9 years old and love technology and toys! I have always wanted to start a business and had never thought it would come true so quickly!

Stella, Co-Founder Spawn.Toys

Hi! This is Alec, co-founder of We create these toys at home from one tiny 3d printer! Spawn is like when things appear in Minecraft and our toys appear in front of our eyes at home just for you! That's why we are called Spawn.Toys.

About Me:

I am 7 years old and I love programming and Minecraft. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel Alecplayz.

Alec, Co-Founder Spawn.Toys

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